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Say Hi at Reboot Game Labs
If you’re on the Cape, come by this Saturday (May 18) and say hi, play games, chat, play more games, and drink all the drink coffee. Meet the Game Developer – Ben Robbi… May 13
The Flipside of the Quest
Print-conscious players have asked me why Follow quests take up two pages. Couldn’t I have jammed all that stuff onto a single sheet? First off: no, it’s pretty dense a… May 8
PAX East: What Should I Check Out?
I’m going to PAX East next week. I’ve been to PAX Prime in Seattle a bunch, of course, but this is my first time at the east coast event. What’s good to check out… Mar 21
A Scene Less Traveled
Science! Invention! Experimentation! It’s what separates us from the apes. The ones on The Planet of the Apes. Those guys were very frowny-faced about new ideas. While I was … Nov 11