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The Dragon: the Sacred Flame (Follow at Go Play NW, part 2)
On Sunday a bunch of the Go Play NW staff retreated to an undisclosed location to end the con with some gaming glee. True fact: con organizers are often too exhausted making fun fo… Aug 14
Legacies are Mini-Focuses
A lot of people look at Legacies in Microscope and ask: what’s the point? What purpose do they serve? Couldn’t we just skip that step? Here’s an excerpt from Micr… Aug 13
Follow at Go Play NW: Rebels and Dragons and Truckers, Oh My!
Go Play oh glorious Go Play! How we miss thee! Yeah, it’s only been a few weeks, but around the country hearts are breaking because we are separated from our dear comrades in… Aug 9
The Blooded
Last weekend I had a chance to play Microscope for the first time with some of my gaming crew from way, way back. We’re talking veterans of Lorngard and my old AD&D campa… Aug 7