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Awaken, Kanaguk!
I played two games of Follow last week and by tooooootal coincidence we picked the Rebellion both times. When I’m playtesting, I often sit back and see what quest the other p… Sep 27
Story Games 101: Angle the Chairs
This is a simple trick we’ve been using at Story Games Seattle for years. It may seem trivial but it’s not. Your physical environment has a huge impact on your social i… Sep 20
PAX 2016: Veni Vidi Ludi
“We came. We saw. We gamed.” Once again, crack squads from Story Games Seattle, Story Games Olympia and other parts Pacific Northwest, descended on PAX to bring the sto… Sep 18
Defy Everyone
In story games, a character can defy everyone else and succeed entirely on their own. A player cannot. Big, important distinction.… Sep 15