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Nail Your Setup
One of my game design theories is that if you nail the setup, the rest of the game flows even if there aren’t a lot of constraints telling you what to do. Conversely, if your… Jan 18
First Rule of Gaming
My first rule of role-playing games is to care more about the people at the table than the story. The players matter more than the fiction. The danger is getting caught up in the w… Dec 28
Late to the Kingdom
I’ve been hearing from a bunch of people who missed the Kickstarter for the new edition Kingdom. Which is not surprising, given all the chaos and distraction in the world. Bu… Nov 9
Kingdomon (part 2), Launching Into Legacy
Last day of the Kickstarter, so of course it’s time to take a break from prepping the advance release for backers to talk more about our Pokemon-inspired Kingdom Legacy campa… Oct 13