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Kingdomon (part 2), Launching Into Legacy
Last day of the Kickstarter, so of course it’s time to take a break from prepping the advance release for backers to talk more about our Pokemon-inspired Kingdom Legacy campa… Oct 13
Kingdomon: You Must Acquire Them All!
Caroline has a theory that all games can be used to play Pokemon. Or more accurately, role-play in a Pokemon setting. So when Caroline, Marc, Al, and I sat down (virtually) to play… Oct 11
Making Characters: The Fine Art of (Not) Fitting In
Taking a break from my kickstarter (and the worrrrrrlllldd) to talk about a character creation trick that’s extremely applicable to Kingdom, but also applies to a whole host … Oct 6
What’s the Korean word for Microscope?
Want a Korean translation of Microscope? This is your lucky day, because it is crowdfunding right now. Both Microscope and Microscope Explorer, actually. The funding goal has alrea… Sep 27