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Emerald City Comicon: A Full House of Story Games
There is a secret trick to organizing a great con: great people. Great facilitators who step up and make people welcome and bring the awesome to the table. Then add to that: more g… Mar 13
Emerald City Comicon: The Game Schedule
Coming to play story games at Emerald City Comicon, but looking for a particular game? Want to know when you can get a spot at the table to play it? Check it: These are the games o… Feb 27
Emerald City Comicon: Attack of the Story Games!
Going to Emerald City Comicon? Want to play some story games? Well, once again, we’ve got you covered. Our team of crack facilitators is setting up shop in WSCC 208 to bring … Feb 18
The Scarlet Letter: Microscope in the Classroom
Keenan is killing it bringing story games to the classroom. His latest post is about using Microscope scene structure to explore the Scarlet Letter. The kids’ feedback is stu… Dec 19