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Nessun Dorma
During the school year, we could only play Fridays and Saturdays. But when summer came, every single day was up for grabs. Not for scheduling normal games — those we could pl… Jun 18
An Ode to The New Hotness
A con is coming up. There’s always a con coming up, or a kickstarter. And we’re waiting. Waiting to see the new games. Waiting and hoping for The New Hotness. Anticipat… Jun 11
Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
I love good, dramatic conflict in a story game. But sometimes players shy away from or downplay an established conflict or history. Our clans have decades of grievance and blood fe… Jun 10
The Teeth Sneak Up On You In Follow
Follow fakes you out by looking super light and chill. You just free-play scenes and everything is great! So easy! But the teeth hide in the challenge resolution. The odds of succe… Jun 9