We sit down and pick the "slay the dragon" quest, but decide to switch things up a little: Instead of a dragon, we're trying to slay a cat. Because we're mice.

In our first challenge, we try to raise a mouse army to face the cat head-on, but more and more of our would-be recruits are overcome with fear and sneak away. Now for our second challenge we decide to lure the cat into a trap, but it's all going badly. We're scattered across the farmyard, unsure of what to do next, when we hear a foreboding yowl. The cat is loose.

It's time to see if we succeed or fail. We gather the stones, hold our breath, and get ready to draw…

Follow is a game where you sit down with your friends and play characters working together to achieve a common goal: your quest.

The quest you pick decides the kind of game you'll play. You could start a rebellion, cure a disease, slay a dragon (or a cat), or get your candidate elected. If it's something people can work together to accomplish, it could be a quest.

Will your characters stay united or will their differences tear them apart? Will they triumph or will their hopes go up in flames?

Follow is designed to be a reliable tool in your arsenal, a game you can whip out and play at a moment's notice. I designed it because it's the game I wanted to have in my bag when I showed up to play, something I could play over and over again with a whole range of people.

Follow is also designed to be easy to learn and easy to play. It has no game master and nothing to prepare. All the steps are clearly and carefully laid out so, even if you've never seen a role-playing game before, if you have some people and some time, you're ready to play.