People can work together to do great things. But what do we care about and what do we fight for? Who do we listen to and who pays the price?

That's what Kingdom is all about: communities and how the people in them decide what they stand for. You'll sit down together and create any kind of group or organization you want to explore:

A school for wayward wizards…
A revolutionary pharmaceutical company…
An anime fan club…
The first settlers on Mars…

As you play, you'll confront Crossroads, critical decisions that may change your community forever. What will your Kingdom do? What will it become? Strive to make your Kingdom live up to your ideals... or watch as it burns. The Kingdom is in your hands. The question is: will you change the Kingdom or will the Kingdom change you?

A role-playing game by Ben Robbins, creator of Microscope and Follow. For two to five players. No GM. No prep.

New Legacy Edition

This new edition is a complete rewrite of the original Kingdom rules to make the game easier to learn and play.

It also adds LEGACY mode, which turns your Kingdom into a whole interconnected campaign. Explore the past and future of your community to see how it changes across time. How long? We've played over 70 sessions of a single Kingdom setting, with no signs of stopping…

How does Kingdom work?

We're playing with a colony ship as our Kingdom. We're still years from the target system when we pick up the signal. Could this be first contact with an alien intelligence? Unfortunately, it's light years out of our way. This is our Crossroad: do we change course to investigate?

The colonists are excited even if it means abandoning our carefully calculated settlement plans. But by now all the players suspect that Captain Browning (ahem, *Acting* Captain Browning) cares more about looking like a good leader than being one. He's in charge and he wants to keep it that way. My character tells the Captain that the data's conclusive: the signal is definitely not natural. But she also mutters that if we're abandoning the plan and just making things up as we go along, pretty soon everyone is going to want a vote.

I'm Perspective so what I predict is true. A Touchstone character showed us what the people wanted. But the Captain has Power. He decides what we do. And I just told him that if he does what the people want his precious authority is going to be a thing of the past .

Captain Browning carefully straightens his uniform, then flips the switch to make a ship-wide address…

Make the Kingdom You Want

"Can I just make a light and fun Kingdom? I do not need more doom and gloom right now."

Why, yes, you can! I always try to make games that you use to tell a lot of different stories and play over and over again. Kingdom is always about a community, but you have huge latitude about the group you make and the kind of decisions it faces.

You can play serious games with scheming and regicide, but you can also make Kingdoms that are about romance, teen drama, or hilarious hijinks. We've played slacker lifeguards at a community pool, pizza delivery drivers, and toy-making elves going on strike because Santa doesn't love them anymore…

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