In This World Released

Nations have borders. Police carry badges. Dragons breathe fire. You work for money.

That's the world we've come to expect. But in this world—the world we create together—we can question those assumptions and imagine alternatives.

And instead of just making one world, we'll make a whole string, each exploring a different slice of what could be… all in a few hours.

A Small Game of Big Ideas

In This World is a fast game of big creativity. It is designed from the ground up so that anyone can play it, even someone who has never played any kind of story game before, and have no problem just jumping right in.

The game overcomes the usual challenge of inventing ideas out of the blue by starting with a framework of real world facts, things we already know, and then inviting players to stand those ideas on their head and imagine how the world could be different.

It's a recipe that leads to effortless creativity and surprising results, all while spurring new thoughts about the world around us. And it is pretty darn fun.

  • Three to five players, with optional rules for two.
  • No experience necessary. Anyone can play and have fun.
  • Everyone gets to contribute equally. No game master.
  • No prep. Just sit down and play.

In This World is a standalone game, but you can also use it to spark your worldbuilding for other systems or fire up your Session Zero.