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ars ludi
Damage Per Second
I was playing Sentinels with the usual crew, and my buddy was playing a character that could play a card to let them play a card to let them play a card, etc. Each turn took&hellip… Sep 4
Say Hello to Chop Downhouse
Ever wonder whether you could come up with the best character name of all time? Well the bad news is, you can’t, because that achievement goes to 5-year-old who came up with … Sep 2
Follow In German
Want to play Follow with your German-speaking friends? The good news is a translation is in the works, courtesy of Plotbunny Games. Nächstes Crowdfunding: Follow von Ben Robbi… Sep 2
My Mom’s a Mech Merc on Mars
I’ve been GMing a very hacked version of Lancer. Our setting has kind of a Cowboy Bebop meets Hammers Slammers meets professional sports vibe: pilots are professionals but it… Aug 16