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ars ludi
A Wild Lukehart Appears at ECCC!
Are you going to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this weekend? Swing by artist alley and say hi to Al Lukehart at booth F-23! Al did the cover art for In This World, Kingdom 2nd … Mar 1
A Spacesuit and A Wrench, But No Gun
You’re trying to earn a living doing salvage and repair. Maybe on Mars, maybe near the moons of Saturn. Take contracts, fix things, and upgrade your ship. And there is no com… Feb 26
Cathy Grant is Captain Danger’s Sister (part 2)
During our long-running superhero campaign I introduced a new character, Cathy Grant. But I didn’t tell the players she wasn’t really a new character at all, she was an… Feb 25
Worlds In The Wild
I’m getting verified sightings of In This World deliveries in the wild! Books are showing up on people’s doorsteps, which means it’s time to get folks together an… Feb 24