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Dice For A Desert Island
Remember Finger Dice, my method for simulating dice when you have no dice? Ever say to yourself, I would really like a deep dive into participatory randomness, its implications and… Jun 19
That’s How You Get A Space-Baby
Final game of our City of Winter campaign. Our family (or what’s left of it) dreamed of escaping to the moon, but it’s clearer and clearer that crystal palaces and dome… Jun 17
Lenses & Legacies: Microscope Design Journal
Another deep dive into the Microscope Chronicle (re)design process. Today I’m talking about three more changes I’m trying out. The first is a refinement of scene questi… Jun 9
We Wrestle With Identity All The Time
During a game a little while ago, I remarked that story gamers wrestle with concepts of identity all the time. More than lots of other people and even more than other gamers. It wa… Jun 7