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Two-Player Creativity Is Harder
Of course not every game of In This World has been magical, but when I hear about sessions that dragged, they often have one thing in common: Only two players. In a high creativity… Jan 31
In This World, Playtesters Are Awesome
“This was the first time someone said, ‘I wish this was our world.'” The playtest reports for In This World keep rolling in and I could not be happier with them. … Jan 30
God Is the Algorithm
I blame Caroline, for making a world where God decides your social media feed based on your virtues or sins, but is also totally cool with virtue signaling.… Jan 18
New Version of In This World Is Ready
Updated rules for In This World has gone out to playtesters! If you signed up and didn’t get an email, scream and shout! (Unless you just signed up in the last day or so, in … Jan 15