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ars ludi
“The rules are there to help you get the most out of your time”
A quick interview with the nice folks of Pizza Games in Milan: I would definitely double down on the idea that the purpose of game rules is to help us get the most out of our time.… Jul 19
Festival of Rain
Story gamers make shit up constantly. It’s a big part of the process. We invent whole cities, cultures, and worlds at the drop of a hat and then maybe burn them down two hour… Jul 12
Pick a Hat, Any Hat…
Oooooh, look what I got in the mail! Yep, it’s Fedora Noir, where you can be a Detective… or you can be the detective’s Hat. I’ve been using the online too… Jul 12
All the Stuff You Never See
“Show us all the stuff you haven’t posted and the games you abandoned!!!” I write a lot of stuff that no one else is ever intended to read. Thoughts, theory, refl… Jul 4