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A New Plan and A New Fellowship
I’ve got a new plan. Possibly even plans within plans. If you read my blog, or have listened to me talk for more than three minutes, you already know that I think GMless game… Jul 9
Nova Takes The Shot
Follow, the Rebellion. Epilogue, Tanner. He stands on the balcony, overlooking the city, pleased that his new, reprogrammed AIs will now serve humanity. We’ve won our rebelli… Jul 6
Not Your Father’s Mister Hummington
I think this might win as the weirdest idea for a Microscope Chronicle history, but it totally worked. Marc says, what if we make the history of a cartoon character? And we ask, yo… Jul 2
Recommend Your Favorite GMless Games
People are always looking for suggestions of GMless games to try, so I decided it was time to harness the collective brainpower and make a list. But not just a plain list of names:… Jun 27