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ars ludi
Building Better Gods
“I’m the god of fire. I have fire powers” “Fire powers? What are you, a superhero?” We’re in the middle of a game and you need to make up a god.… Nov 17
Quest: Escape the Haunted House!
They said this old house was haunted, but we didn’t listen. Now we have to escape. Our flashlights are flickering, there’s no coverage, the floorboards are creaking, an… Oct 26
“If it weren’t for those darn kids..!”
It’s the spooky season, so I’ve been taking a break from other projects to put together a fittingly Halloween quest for Follow: Escape the Haunted House! They told us t… Oct 19
Aushi Finds Their Magic
If you play story games, you probably already know: story games will break your heart. Aushi was a witch born without magic. It was all they ever wanted. And then they got some. Bu… Oct 12