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Mercenaries vs Terraformers
On a lark we sat down (virtually) to play some Microscope, and wound up making a “Day of the Triffids meets the Black Company meets Starship Troopers (the movie)” kind … Sep 23
Which Kid Touches the Giant Robot?
Three kids are playing in the woods when they stumble upon a towering metal figure, sprawled in a crater. Who will touch it first? There are dares and double-dares, scuffles, pokin… Sep 14
West Marches: A Survivor’s Story
Lo and behold, after twenty years one of the original West Marches players popped back up and shared some memories in the comments, and frankly they are too good not to give a post… Sep 1
Only Say Yes to a Yes
“Say yes” is a fundamental principle of just about every shared creative process. “Yes and”, “yes but” — either way, say yes. And it is ab… Aug 19