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It Never Ends
The most unrealistic thing about Microscope is that the history has an end. There’s a starting bookend and an ending bookend. Real history never ends. It just keeps going and… Jun 27
He Needed His Anger
I forget how juicy family stories are in Union. Then I play it again and… wowzers. The Crimson Knight was a vigilante who put on a mask because he was an angry, violent man,… May 11
Lockdown Level-Up: Mind Over Matter
I was chatting with Pat, part of the old school Story Games Seattle braintrust, about how the online games I’ve been in have gotten so much better since the lockdown. And the… Apr 27
Their Power to Oppress
Rules must always be evaluated for their power to oppress Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs, by Dan Olson, 2022 The discussion is about community rules, economic rules, an… Apr 24