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Gameplay Video: In This World
Trying something new! I’ve uploaded a gameplay video of one of our In This World sessions. The topic for our worlds: Vacations! I’ve never tried posting video of our se… May 30
In This World, In Your Head
or, “Can you play this game solo?” Ever since I starting working on In This World, it has been slowly taking over my brain. I don’t mean I’m working on it a… May 25
In This World, Story Games Are Joy
“We started by changing “Story games aren’t about winning,” to “well, actually they are…”” Caroline and Marc took In This World for… May 21
It’s Raining Mechs
Alien mechs fall from the sky like shooting stars. Their technology is so advanced that even after smashing into the Earth they still work. And just one is advanced enough to chang… May 18