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ars ludi
2021: A Year of Legacy
Despite the pandemic — or more likely because of it — I played more role-playing games in 2021 than any other year since I started logging my games back in high school.… Jan 16
Does It Add Beauty to The World?
I’ve been working on a long post picking apart the movie Inception for ages, analyzing what I think are truths the movie hides in plain sight. But looking at the finished ess… Jan 12
An Item or Object to Be Processed
I urge you not to endorse this sinister measure. Humanity many times has had sad experience of superpowerful police forces… As soon as (the police) slip out from under the f… Jan 3
Three Kinds of Insight
When I’m noodling away, doing that thing we ostensibly call work, I bump into three kinds of insight. There’s the kind of insight that you hurry to write down, so you d… Dec 26