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ars ludi
“the stories it lets me tell with my dearest friends”
Sometimes it’s very nice to check your email: As we’ve gotten to the end of the year, folks are reflecting on the tabletop we’ve gotten to play over the last 12 m… Dec 7
Ghost of Astariole’s Wife
Old school D&D story time: During an attack on the Wizard’s Guild, Astariole’s wife was caught in the magical crossfire and killed. But Trey (Astariole’s play… Nov 28
In This World, It’s Time to Game
In This World is out! For playtesters anyway. If you signed up to playtest you should have gotten an email with a download link Friday night. If you don’t see it, and it&rsqu… Nov 19
Playtest In This World
My new game, In This World, is ready for outside playtesting. I’ve played it a bunch, made some tweaks and refinements, and now it’s ready for you: Playtest Sign-up for… Nov 13