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The Shackles of Precognition
In the past few years I’ve had a lot more regular weekly games than one-shots. Mostly games with no GM, so no one is writing a story for us to follow. We are all just playing… Apr 1
Where the Ball Lies
We play these games together to be surprised and satisfied by ideas we wouldn’t have created on our own. How all our contributions combine is something no one of us can predi… Mar 30
“Ooh, let’s be bad!” Microscope player says before Breaking the Rules
“People playing a Microscope game over brunch were heard saying “let’s be bad,” as they began to break the rules of the history-building RPG. “We&rsqu… Mar 26
Schoolhouse Rock: How you spread it around
Nine hungry men, had six dollars each That’s 54 bucks but they were out of luck Because 54 bucks won’t buy dinner downtown Not for nine Then there were six hungry men T… Mar 22